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(First-Fifth Grade)

Each week your child will enter an experience filled with exciting games, great music, creative learning and adult volunteers who love and understand kids. Our themed lessons change every 8 weeks, so kids never get bored and are always anticipating,”What’s next!” We connect with your child in an experience designed just for them, while you worship in our main auditorium.

What Are We Learning

Here is what we are learning now in Wellspring Kids.

 City Streets, The Musical September 27th-October 25th

Welcome to the City! And don’t worry, you’re not the only new kid in town. Michelle just moved here with her dad and she is helping her new friends, Molly and Zane, learn what it means to be a follower of God. Children ages 6-12 will sing, dance, and learn right along with them as we take a look at some important moments from the life of Abram in the Bible. Stretch before you arrive and get yourself warmed up. You’re about to begin Elevate’s first musical series: City Streets, The Musical!

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