Our Core Values

We Will Be Known For What We Are For

We are for Myrtle Beach and that’s what we want to be known for. We do not ever want to be known for what we are against. Our goal is to be known as the most loving place on the Grand Strand.

We Are Rescued People Who Rescue People

We’re a group of people that understands Jesus saved us, we did nothing to earn it, and now he asks us to partner with Him to change the world.

We Invite People to Belong Before They Believe

We will not make it difficult for outsiders who are coming to God.  We will remove every obstacle we can to allow people to discover Jesus.

We Believe That Circles Are Better Than Rows

Life-change begins in rows but sticks in circles.  We will strive to move people into groups so they can experience the life God created them to live. 

We Get To Give

We believe generosity is a calling and a privilege, not an obligation.  We celebrate any and every opportunity to bring back a small portion of all He’s given us.