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One of the next things you will need to do to take part in our Summer Reading Plan is to get a Bible.

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One of the easiest ways to have the Bible with you at all times and in various translations is through the YouVersion Bible App. This app has reading plans and other tools to use as you read along.

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Physical Bibles for the Whole Family

If you would like a physical Bible, we have some recommendations for the whole family that you can purchase through Amazon below or you can come to the Blue Room this Sunday to pick up a standard NLT Bible from our team as our gift to you!

NLT Study Bible

This Bible has helpful information as you read. This is a staff-recommended Bible for Adults and is the translation that Trey teaches out of.

Teen Life Application Study Bible

This Bible is great for our Wellspring Students grades 6-12. This has some practical application tips for teenagers.

Action Bible

This Bible is written in a comic-book format and is great for children and young teenagers. This Bible will bring the stories to life for your child.

NIV Adventure Bible

This Bible is a good combination of scripture and pictures. Our Wellspring Kids team recommends this Bible for ages 6-10.

Jesus Storybook Bible

This is a great way to introduce your child to the Bible through a wonderful story-telling of the entire Bible story. Our Wellspring Kids team recommends this Bible from birth-5 years old.

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Day 1

June 3, 2019

Welcome to our Summer Reading Plan. For the next 9 weeks, we will be reading through the books of Acts, Galatians, Ephesians and Philippians. We will send you the daily reading material (Monday-Friday) and questions or thoughts to prompt your personal reading. Our prayer for you this summer is that you are able to recognize God's voice as you read His word. If you have questions or need prayer as we do this together, please reach out to or visit the Blue Room this Sunday!

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Day 2

June 4, 2019

Acts 2 begins with the introduction of the Holy Spirit to the Early Church. It is a pivotal moment for those that were gathered together. As you read today's chapter, observe how the early Church considered themselves witnesses of Jesus' works, how the Holy Spirit was freely available to everybody that believed, and how the early Church lived their lives in community together.

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Day 3

June 5, 2019

Today we read about faith in the early Church. Peter and John perform a miracle, and they are quick to declare that it is not by their own power that healing is possible. Peter and John stress the importance of having faith in Jesus’ power in order to perform miracles. As you read, think about what faith means to you and how you may have witnessed God's strength and love in your life.

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Day 4

June 6, 2019

Opposition was a very real challenge for the early Church. The same religious leaders that questioned and challenged Jesus, now were threatening His followers. How did the early Church leaders handle that adversity?

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Day 5

June 7, 2019

Today's reading begins with a story that ends with the death of Ananias and Sapphira. It's important to observe why they perished to understand why this story is included in Early Church history. Giving away all of the proceeds of the sale of the land was not required in the early Church, but as we read yesterday, the entire group was willing to take what they had and share it with everybody who needed it.

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Day 6

June 10, 2019

Welcome to week 2! This week we will continue to learn about how the Early Church spread and will be introduced to some new names and stories along the way. As you read this week, notice how the disciples and church leaders worked together and how they avoided the Island of Isolation.

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Day 7

June 11, 2019

Yesterday we were introduced to Stephen and the adversity he was facing. Today we read how Stephen answers the accusations against him. He answers his accusers with Israel's history, highlighting how God rescued and saved His people, the Israelites. He specifically mentions a few of the leaders that God used and how they were rejected by their own people in a similar way that Jesus was rejected by His people, the very ones that were accusing Stephen. As you read today, notice how the story Stephen tells reveals God's long-standing faithfulness.

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Day 8

June 12, 2019

You may have noticed a familiar name at the end of our reading yesterday. Saul, who held the coats for Stephen's stoning, would eventually change his name to Paul. If you've come to Wellspring for any amount of time, you know this guy well. We learn a lot from this man and the letters that he wrote to the Early Church to lead and guide them. We'll actually read some of those letters later this summer...but today, Saul is not teaching the Early Church, but actively trying to destroy it.

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Day 9

June 13, 2019

Today we see a turning point in Paul's life. Although Paul's story is the main focus of this chapter, don't miss another character that is included in this chapter. Ananais has a seemingly small part in Paul's story, but he actually was a vital player in the trajectory of Paul's life. As you read, notice the continued theme in the Early Church of God's prompting and preparation in their lives.

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Day 10

June 14, 2019

As we wrap up our second week together, think back on what you've learned these past few days. How have you recognized God's voice in your reading time or in your life?

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Day 11

June 17, 2019

This week we will look at how the Early Church began to expand beyond the initial Jewish believers. Pay attention to how the Early Church discussed the difficult topics they faced and allowed the Holy Spirit to change their thinking and approach as they grew in numbers.

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Day 12

June 18, 2019

Today, we read about the continued persecution of the Early church and a pretty remarkable rescue operation! As you read today, think about how your life has been rescued. At Wellspring we believe we are rescued people who rescue people. We may not have been saved from an actual, physical prison, but as Christ-Followers, we have been rescued from death, given life and invited to join in on the rescue mission.

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Day 13

June 19, 2019

Today we read about Paul's First Missionary Journey. The chapter starts with Saul (whose name is later changed to Paul) and Barnabas being set apart, called, and sent off by the Lord to preach in other regions. Paul goes on to speak boldly in the Jewish synagogues, explaining that people are set free from sin by Jesus and Jesus alone and that this gift was given to everybody.

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Day 14

June 20, 2019

As we've read throughout Acts, adversity was a common theme for the Early Church leaders. Chapter 14 begins with Paul and Barnabas experiencing the same challenges they encountered in yesterday's reading which forced them to leave the city they were in. They continued their journey to Lystra where Paul performed a miracle as he was teaching.

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Day 15

June 21, 2019

This week we have read about the Early Church's expansion beyond its Jewish roots. We've also read about the struggles the Early Church leaders had with this growth.

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Day 16

June 24, 2019

This week we will be reading about more of Paul's missionary journeys. You may notice some familiar city names like Ephesus, Galatia, Philippi, and Thessalonica. These cities had or would have churches that Paul would later write letters to. We'll actually look at two of these letters later this Summer- Ephesians and Galatians.

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Day 17

June 25, 2019

Today we continue to read about Paul's journey and a famous speech that he gave in Athens. This speech demonstrated Paul's gift of sharing the Gospel message while engaging his audience. He found common ground with the people of Athens by noticing their desire to be religious. Paul utilized this to share the truth about the one and only God. As you read today, think about people that may have beliefs that vary from yours.

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Day 18

June 26, 2019

Acts 18 continues to document Paul's travels and the men and women that helped spread and support the Early Church. Today will read about leaders named Priscilla and Aquila who happened to be a married couple. Priscilla and Aquila allowed Paul to live with them while he visited Corinth. They also hosted a house church in Corinth and would go on to be mentioned various other times in Paul's letters in the New Testament.

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Day 19

June 27, 2019

The Early Church faced many challenges from persecution to adversity. Some of this was from men and women who didn't understand who Jesus was and what He had done. Today we see a different kind of adversity that you may have noticed already as we've read this Summer-Spiritual Warfare.

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Day 20

June 28, 2019

As we wrap up week 4, we see Paul saying goodbye to his friends at the church of Ephesus. The same Holy Spirit that coached and empowered the Early Church, also allowed Paul to recognize that this season of his life was over. A lot of challenges await Paul in the rest of our reading, but today notice how Paul was loved by those that knew him. Think about the transformation of Paul's life from when we met him as Saul in chapter 7 until now.

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Day 21

July 1, 2019

This week we will be reading about Paul's legal issues as he returns to Jerusalem. For the rest of our reading in Acts, Paul will be in prison, defending himself or guarded by soldiers in some way. But for today, we will be reading about Paul returning to Jerusalem in hopes to preach the Gospel.

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Day 22

July 2, 2019

Today's reading continues exactly where Chapter 21 ended. As you read today, think back to when we read Acts 7. If you missed any of our reading plans along the way...

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Day 23

July 3, 2019

Paul is brought before the Sanhedrin (a type of Jewish counsel) to be questioned and tried in today's chapter. This trial becomes one big dispute, and Paul has to be rescued by soldiers. The next day the Lord comes to him and encourages him to be courageous as a group of Jewish men hatch up a plan to kill Paul. One of Paul’s nephews heard of this plan and decided to speak up. The young man tells the Roman commander of the news, and the commander writes a letter to a higher official. He explained in the letter that Paul was a Roman citizen and that he was going to rescue Paul from the Jews’ plan by sending him to Antipatris where, the commander believes, he will receive a trial that is fitting for his citizenship.

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Day 24

July 4, 2019

Today, Paul is tried in court once more as he is sent before Felix. Felix was the Roman governor of Judea at the time. Paul makes his case and even has the opportunity to share the Good News of Jesus with Felix, but the final verdict was for Paul to be kept under the supervision of guards. As you read today, notice how Paul always sought ways to relate to those that he spoke to, even those that are accusing him.

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Day 25

July 5, 2019

Paul is brought before yet another group to be questioned in Chapter 25. This time he is brought before King Agrippa, the grandson of Herod Agrippa who was mentioned in Chapter 12 as a persecutor of the Early Church. Drusilla (from yesterday's reading) and Bernice (from today's reading) are his sisters and daughters of Herod Agrippa. We've read multiple times this week that all that hear Paul's case struggle to condemn him except the Jews, and yet he still remains imprisoned. Despite Paul's struggles, he continues to be given opportunities to share God's truth to every new audience he is brought before.

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Day 26

July 8, 2019

Welcome to Week 6! We have just a few more weeks of our Summer Reading Plan, but we have been praying that as you are spending time learning about the Early Church, you are recognizing the work of Jesus and the Holy Spirit in your life and in our church.

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Day 27

July 9, 2019

Today Paul begins his action-packed journey to Rome. Notice how the story now includes the author of Acts, Luke, as not only a witness but a participant in the story. As Luke now references the group as "we", pay attention to the situation they found themselves in...on a boat, away from home and in the middle of a storm. How do you see the power of the Holy Spirit in this chapter?

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Day 28

July 10, 2019

We are finishing up Acts today with Paul finally making it to Rome after a few stops along the way. The Jewish leaders in Rome welcomed Paul warmly as they hadn't heard any news from Jerusalem about him. But after hearing the message that Paul shared, you may notice a similar response. Chapter 28 ends with Paul under house arrest but still sharing the Good News to everyone who would visit him.

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Day 29

July 11, 2019

We've just finished up Acts which is a historical look at the spread of the Early Church and the men and women who were a part of it. For the rest of our time together we will read letters that Paul wrote to various local churches. These letters are valuable to us because they address the challenges that these churches faced. These challenges, as we'll read, are not isolated to just the Early Church members and they provide valuable lessons for us even 2000 years later.

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Day 30

July 12, 2019

Today Paul begins to present his case to the Galatians that Jesus, not adherence to the law, is the One who makes the believer right with God. Depending on your translation, you may recognize some familiar names in verses 7-14. Some translations refer to Peter as Cephus in these verses. Paul recounts a time that he had to confront Peter because of his behavior towards Gentile believers.

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Day 31

July 15, 2019

In Chapter 3, Paul uses an important figure to the Jewish people to continue to present his case to the Galatians. Genesis is the first book of the Old Testament, the portion of the Bible that recorded history and God's interaction with His people before Jesus. The author of Genesis writes in chapter 15 verse 6 (New Living Translation) that "... Abram believed the Lord, and the Lord counted him as righteous because of his faith."

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Day 32

July 16, 2016

Today Paul continues to use the story of Abraham to make his plea to the Galatians. As we read about topics that are difficult to comprehend or even painful to consider, slavery for example, it's important to notice that Paul is not condoning these actions, but using a portion of Jewish history to demonstrate the truth he is teaching.

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Day 33

July 17, 2019

Today and tomorrow, Paul wraps up his plea to the Galatians with some hope-filled truth. In chapter 5, Paul reveals that a life that is free, because of faith in Jesus and not through adherence to the law, will have certain indicators in it.

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Day 34

July 18, 2019

Today we finish Paul's letter to the Galatians. Paul continues to describe how a free Christ-Follower should respond to the world and people around them. As you finish up, remember that this was one of Paul's first letters to the Early Church as they were struggling with the idea of radical grace that was possible because of Jesus. Remember that the Early Church initially consisted of Jewish believers who had spent their entire lives respecting and obeying the Jewish law and traditions. The concept of faith apart from the law was difficult for them to grasp but necessary for the Good News of Jesus to spread to and bless all nations as God promised to Abraham.

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Day 35

July 19, 2019

As we finish up this week we will begin the book of Ephesians. Ephesians is another letter written by Paul to the church in Ephesus (You can probably begin to recognize a pattern in the naming of the letters of the New Testament). As you may remember reading in Acts 28, Paul wrote several letters while he was a prisoner in Rome. Ephesians is one of those along with Philippians, which we will read in 2 weeks.

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Day 36

July 22, 2019

Today we continue to read in the book of Ephesians. Paul starts chapter 2 describing how life before Jesus looked for the Early Believers and this still applies to us today. Notice how he mentions the sinful nature that subjected them/us to punishment and death.

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Day 37

July 23, 2019

As you read today's chapter think back to the transformation of Paul's life. Remember that this letter was likely written while Paul was a prisoner in Rome. Earlier this summer in Acts 20, we read that Paul had a tearful farewell with the Ephesians right before this imprisonment. As you read today, notice how much Paul loved this church and how he prayed for them. A few weeks ago, we learned that "a good neighbor prays for the good of their neighbor".

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Day 38

July 24, 2019

As you are creating a habit of praying, reading the Bible and learning more about God's word, you may begin to notice that you are discovering more practical ways to apply what we read. Today's chapter is a wonderful example of this.

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Day 39

July 25, 2019

Paul continues to encourage the Ephesians to live fully in their new life in today's chapter. Yesterday, he contrasted what old behavior versus new behavior looks like and chapter 5 continues this theme by providing new titles or identifying names for Christ-Followers. Depending on your Bible translation, notice how Paul identifies the new believers as God's dear children (NLT-verse 1) and people of light (NLT-vers 8). These new titles further demonstrate this life-transforming gift they have been given through faith in Jesus. This gift doesn't just change how we respond to Jesus and others, it changes how we are known.

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Day 40

July 26, 2019

Today we wrap up week 8 and Ephesians together. Paul picks up where he left off yesterday discussing how life-transformation looks in practical and personal ways. Paul addresses the parent/child relationship and in the same way that he challenged both the husband and wife in yesterday's reading, he writes to both the child and the parent. Paul wrote the letter to the Ephesians to encourage them to live in unity and peace together, so it is fitting that he provides practical advice to experience peace and unity in their homes. Remember that Paul is presenting a new and different way to live in response to their new life in Jesus.

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Day 41

July 29, 2019

Chapter 1 begins, as all Paul's letters do, with a greeting to his audience. Notice how Paul writes to them from a place of honesty and encouragement. Paul did not try to downplay what was happening to him, but he finds joy in how God is working through him even in the pain and that the Gospel message continues to spread in Rome because of it. Paul also prepares the Philippians to expect the same struggles he is encountering because they are fighting the same spiritual battle. We just read about this struggle and the tools that we have to fight this last week as we wrapped up Ephesians. As you read Philippians this week, remember that Paul is writing this while imprisoned. How does this strengthen the words he writes to the church in Philippi?

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